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 "Dust-Off" Memorial

The memorial is the brainchild of Vietnam veteran Dennis Withers and sculptor, Robert Henderson. Withers and fellow Vietnam vets, through groups designed to treat POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER, have visualized this sculpture into reality. Many of these veterans have actually been either helper or the victim as depicted in the scene. This memorial evokes a memory of hope and fear and has allowed many war vets to feel a sense of pride in their involvement in this unpopular conflict.

The scene portrays a soldier carrying an injured comrade to the awaiting Huey Helicopter. An actual helicopter will stand beside the two life-size bronze figures. The Huey is credited with saving 900,000 lives in the 11 years of the Vietnam conflict. Nearly 1/3rd of the helicopter pilots were injured during these missions.

After funding is completed, the first of this limited edition is slated to be placed in the Sidney Boston Memorial Park at the Fremont County Airport. The cost of the project is approximately $100,000.00.

All donations will go to a tax-exempt non-profit corporation created to fund war memorials.

For More Information call: 1-800-305-1738


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